Are you looking to be part of the solution to major issues of our time – climate change and destruction of our ecosystem? Have a look, here’s a simple proposal. This is probably one of the most empowering, scalable, economical and timely solutions that we can set forward. By gardening and following regenerative agriculture best practices, you sequester carbon in soil while regenerating it! This is really a win-win-win situation as this has a positive impact against climate change and lets you contribute to bringing back healthy soil to life while improving your well-being.

Therefore, gardening the proper way can be part of the solution! Isn’t it fantastic! You’re already a gardener? Congratulations and thank you! Keep reading, as we want to help you reach the next level. You’re not a gardener but that solution appeals to you and you’d like to gain the benefits of gardening activity? Stay with us!

Do you know the main reasons why people don’t do or limit their gardening? According to the literature, the top 3 reasons are: lack of time, lack of space and lack of knowledge. Not to forget the motivation that, sometime diminishes as the season advances and results don’t show up as expected.

Like most gardeners you probably faced these challenges somehow and/or perhaps, they are waiting just around the corner threatening your next gardening season. Hence, here are few tips to avoid those limitations. First, you need to set yourself in an experimenter’s mindset. In short, that means being curious, not fearing exploration and detaching yourself from particular outcome. Isn’t it the mindset we’re looking for in our daily lives?! Second, appropriate tools and guidance may be invaluable to minimize your garden planning and maintenance time while maximizing your available space and expected yields. Moreover, although gardening literature is extensive, relevant knowledge customized to your location and circumstances is necessary but can be hard to find at times.

This is how HireNature enables you to become part of the solution; by providing efficient tools to support you throughout your gardening adventure. Our first tool is the Garden Planning Tool designed to automate and optimize your garden layout. While being able to design your garden in just few minutes, you’ll leverage artificial intelligence to get the most of your plants in your garden. Have a look of the details here and try it for free.

Ultimately, HireNature wants to create a community around the regenerative gardening movement. We want to leverage gardening not only as a solution for climate change and soil regeneration, but also as a significant step towards increasing resilience of our food system, reducing food waste, promoting healthy lifestyle and participating in the emerging circular economy. In other words, we want to create a kind of humanity++ ecosystem aligned with HireNature’s mission.

Oh! In this excitement I almost forgot to explain the third win in the “win-win-win” relationship specified at the beginning. In fact, this is the benefit that you can expect to experience quickly, and it is part of the reasons why gardening is so much fun. Indeed, by gardening you’ll be rewarded with fresh and quality foods while enjoying an almost free relaxing stress relief therapy!

As a final note, HireNature’s initiative is intended to act and contribute towards, at least, 12 of the 17 sustainable development objectives (71%) adopted by the United Nation (UN). The following picture depicts those objectives.

Following regenerative agriculture practices is an important step in resolving the environmental and societal challenges of our time. HireNature is there to help by providing a platform and tools. Together, we can make the difference!

Enjoy your gardening season!

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