HireNature’s mission is to connect Nature’s Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to promote productive, innovative and regenerative organic gardening. We are thus very excited today, on the Earth Day anniversary, to announce that the prototype version of our first module, the Garden Planning Tool, is now available! The purpose of this module, powered by an AI engine, is to let gardeners obtain easily and rapidly  the optimal layout for the plants they want to grow in their gardens. Helped by the tool, you can thus automate and optimize the garden layout that you have always dreamt of!

HireNature fully subscribes to the lean startup approach where users are invited to become part of the product development by trying it as soon as possible and giving their feedback to steer the product evolution path. Since the beginning of the development, HireNature included in the loop potential users with wide range of experiences and coming from around the globe. This was done by organizing a group of beta testers, better known as the “GardenerTesters” in HireNature’s context.

We have received very good feedback from the GardenerTesters and are happy to release the first version, letting more gardeners benefit from its features and AI that is under the hood. The tool will continues to evolve towards better usability and support for more garden configurations. The roadmap also includes other modules and features, like a virtual assistant for gardening maintenance & pest/disease control, an harvest calendar and many more.

Note that as the tool is still in a prototype stage, it is possible that some features don’t respond as expected or that some scenarios are out of the scope for now. In fact, here you can find the list of all known limitations. In any case, if you see anything odd, don’t hesitate, contact us and we’ll be delighted to help you.

With all that said, it would be reckless to leave this post without asking for your help. As you now have a glimpse of our development process, you probably have a good idea about what we’ll ask for. You got it! Please share with us your feedback, how your experience with the Garden Planning Tool goes, any missing features you would like us to prioritize, etc… Also, we’ll be pleased and honored to see pictures of your garden at various time in the season.

Welcome to HireNature!

Hope you’ll enjoy our prototype!

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