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To let you adopt the new technology of the Garden Planning Tool offered by HireNature, all registrations are made from the free license. Once amazed by what you can create in your garden, switch to the GARDENER license! You’ll be guided inside the web application to update your license.

Save time. Optimize your garden. Have fun and create abundance by collaborating with Nature!

Current Limitations

In the current context, we have worked very hard to offer you the Garden Planning Tool as quickly as possible. Since this is a new technology, some limitations remain. Also be aware that the more the tool is used, the more it learns and refines. With your support, these limitations will soon be a thing of the past!


Plants rotation is not yet supported. 


Succession planting is not yet supported. The optimized garden layout is thus provided on the overall season basis.


The personalized planting calendar is not yet deployed. However, the average frost dates and hardiness zone for your location are available.

other parameters

Wind profile, shading, growing difficulty and soil type are not yet accounted by the optimization algorithm.

plant data

Plants data used by the algorithm cannot yet be customized by user.

size of tile

The size of the tiles is set by the plant with the largest footprint among your selection. However, you can customize the footprint of each plant.


The Garden Planning Tool must be used on a laptop/desktop since it is not yet user-friendly to design your garden on a mobile device without a mouse.

regional features

Frost dates are currently only available for North America.

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