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Garden Planning Tool

Create your garden layout in a few minutes using HireNature’s automation and optimization tool.

  • Minimize your garden planning time
  • Maximize available space
  • Benefit from a knowledge library adapted to your garden
  • Experiment with new things, even the garden of your dream!

Features taken into account by the garden planning tool

Planning a garden can be a complex task as there are many parameters involved. Based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), HireNature’s automation and optimization tool helps you by taking care of the following. Note that when the algorithm faces a contradiction, it favors a compromise solution in order to offer you the garden layout that best suits your needs.

same plants together

To facilitate your gardening activities related to sowing, maintenance and harvesting, HireNature’s algorithm seeks to group plants of the same species.


HireNature’s algorithm exploits various characteristics to group plants with similar needs (water, nutrients).

garden orientation

Since exposure to the sun is essential for a successful garden, HireNature’s algorithm looks for the best arrangement of the plants in order to offer an optimal rate of sunshine taking into account, among other things, the height of each of them.

plants interaction

There are various reasons why plants can have a positive (or negative) impact on their neighborhood. This concept is known as companion planting. Since it quickly becomes difficult to manage, this concept is often put aside and/or little emphasized. HireNature’s algorithm is designed to make the most of the interaction between neighboring plants.

choose by %, area or unit plant

For each plant in the garden, the quantity can be selected either in % of the area of the garden, in area (in ft² or m²), or number of plants (unit). You select the units of measure that best represent your needs. HireNature’s algorithm takes care of consistency between units!

Fixed quantity or filling

For each plant selected, you can request a fixed amount or allow the algorithm to fill your garden. This option gives you ultimate control between the availability of your seedlings and the creation of abundance with your favorite crops! As soon as at least one plant is activated in “fill” mode, HireNature’s algorithm normalizes them in order to cover 100% of the garden!


Does your garden already have perennials that you keep year after year? No problem! You can add them in the Garden Planning Tool before running the optimization and HireNature’s algorithm will integrate them into the proposed solution.

garden constraints

Are there any constraints or obstacles that are part of your garden, like a large rock? Simply place a “path” tile the size of the obstacle in the corresponding location before running the optimization. This will easily be considered by HireNature’s algorithm as an unusable area.

manual move

If, for some reason, you want to move certain plants following the garden layout proposal made by the HireNature algorithm; nothing easier. You have full control of the tiles. Just drag them and swap their locations to make the garden of your dreams!

languages and unit system

The Garden Planning Tool is currently available in English and French. For units, Imperial and International (Metric) systems are available. These choices can be customized through the user settings interface.

More Details On How The Garden Planning Tool Works


  • Define your beds
  • Define your paths
  • Define obstacles, if any
  • Define perennials, if there are any

Select the plants to grow

  • Select the units for each plant:%, area or number of plants
  • Determine if you want the algorithm to fill your garden with certain elements of your selection
  • Following the optimization, the algorithm will indicate the updated quantity for each plant


  • Tile size is uniform and defined as the lowest common denominator among all selected plants
  • The optimization is based on an Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm developed by HireNature precisely to meet this challenge
  • This is a new innovative technology and unique on the market


  • Get a concise layout reference for starting your garden
  • Obtain the required number of seeds
  • Easily retrieve planting information 

Current Limitations

In the current context, we have worked very hard to offer you the Garden Planning Tool as quickly as possible. Since this is a new technology, some limitations remain. Also be aware that the more the tool is used, the more it learns and refines. With your support, these limitations will soon be a thing of the past!


Plants rotation is not yet supported. 


Succession planting is not yet supported. The optimized garden layout is thus provided on the overall season basis.


The personalized planting calendar is not yet deployed. However, the average frost dates and hardiness zone for your location are available.

other parameters

Wind profile, shading, growing difficulty and soil type are not yet accounted by the optimization algorithm.

plant data

Plants data used by the algorithm cannot yet be customized by user.

size of tile

The size of the tiles is set by the plant with the largest footprint among your selection. However, you can customize the footprint of each plant.


The Garden Planning Tool must be used on a laptop/desktop since it is not yet user-friendly to design your garden on a mobile device without a mouse.

regional features

Frost dates are currently only available for North America.

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